V-1 Video Analysis

V-1 is an advanced video swing analysis program that not only allows our instructors to use powerful drawing tools and professional swing comparisons, but also create personalized online lockers.  Online lockers give our students the ability to access their personal video lessons and drills anywhere they go.







Casio High Speed Video

To best evaluate the high speed motion of a golf swing, our instructors utilize the most advanced cameras available.  Standard cameras are only able to record at 30 frames per second and miss most of the action happening during fast-moving events.  By utilizing high speed video recording at 300 frames per second, our instructors are able to view and analyze the details that are often missed.





TrackMan Launch Monitor

Trackman Launch Monitor

Trackman is the golf industries leading launch monitor for golf swing and ball flight analysis.  Combined with Trackman Performance Studio, golf club and ball flight data are seamlessly integrated with video and 3D imaging to provide a powerful learning and assessment tool.  This technology helps enable our instructors to accurately identify and prioritize their student’s fastest way to improvement.